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What is QbCheck?

QbCheck is a FDA cleared computer based test that measures the core symptoms associated with ADHD including hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention/distractibility. The test results are presented in a report that compares your results with a non-ADHD group of people of the same age and gender.

How should QbCheck be used?

Assessing ADHD may be complicated and there is no single clinical tool that is able to give you all the answers. QbCheck provides objective data that together with other information will help your clinician to identify, rule out and monitor ADHD. QbCheck can also provide valuable information when customizing treatment intervention based on your individual performance. The QbTest results should always be complemented by a clinical interview.

How is QbCheck performed?

The test is performed in front of a computer screen. During the test a number of symbols are shown (ages 12-60) or two symbols (ages 6-12) on the computer screen. The task is to push the responder button each time a symbol with the same shape and colour is repeated on the screen. The test takes 15-20 minutes, depending on age, to complete and is not dependent on your language, reading or mathematical skills.

QbCheck at the Effra Clinic

The Effra Clinic  includes Qb testing for all new  ADHD assessments and as part of our adult ADHD treatment packages. We also offer a stand along QbCheck evaluation on request. To find out more about this objective ADHD diagnostic test please visit qbcheck.com.

The Assessing QbTest Utility in ADHD (AQUA) trial has now been published. The study suggests that QbTest helps clinicians to reach faster a diagnostic decision and exclude ADHD when it is not the case. Read more here - Computerised test may help improve ADHD diagnoses.

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