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DIVA 5.0

The Effra Clinic used the DIVA 5.0 which is a structured Diagnostic Interview for Adult ADHD. It provides a structured approached to investigating the presence of DSM ADHD symptoms criteria in adults as well as exploring whether impairment is present in five domains:- education, work, social relationships, social activities/leisure time, partner/family relationships and self-esteem. It is completed with a clinician over about 90mins.

Because ADHD in adults is a lifelong condition that starts in childhood, it is necessary to look for the presence of  symptoms and any associated impairment in childhood, using a retrospective interview for childhood behaviour. Whenever possible the information should be gathered from the patient and supplemented by information from informants that knew the person as a child (usually parents or close relatives).

More information about the DIVA diagnostic tool for adult ADHD is available here