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Little Effra - Caring for Children

The over-arching ethos of Little Effra is in promoting the well-being of children from an early age. We know that the majority of adult mental illness has its origins in childhood and that early awareness and solutions are the best means for preventing mental health problems. Where problems have already manifested, we believe that early, accurate diagnosis and intervention are the best ways to limit on-going difficulties. We offer comprehensive Child and Adolescent Mental Health assessments specialising in ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders and behaviours/ disorders commonly associated with these life-long conditions. We work with hand-picked colleagues to tailor bespoke treatment packages and we are always happy to work with schools and local clinicians to enable optimal outcomes for your child. It can often be confusing for parents to select the appropriate assessment package, but we are happy to advise which assessment package is the most appropriate for your child to minimize cost to your family.


We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessment packages using established diagnostic tools to ensure that all aspects of a child's psycho-social health are evaluated. We are committed to providing in-depth reports for professionals as well as thorough feed-back to families so that our knowledge can be widely disseminated to access support for your child.


We believe that treatment is a collaborative process with the family. Whilst we may have expertise in mental health, families are the experts on their children. Our treatment packages are designed to allow families to choose the best package of care for their child and family, and can involve a range of professionals and their therapies: psychiatry, psychology, educational psychology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy.