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The Effra Clinic

Experts in ADHD & Autism

We are a boutique mental health clinic specialising in ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorder in children and adults.

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What our patients say

“Dr. Maltezos is not only one of the foremost experts in his field, but he is also a thoughtful, kind and wise man. I would recommend him unconditionally”

Adult with ADD – seen by Dr. Maltezos

What we stand for

We are a life-span service

We know that mental health, and in particular neurodevelopmental disorders have a deep and long lasting impact on the lives of people and the families that they affect. They are often life-long problems with symptoms and problems manifesting in different ways throughout the life-span. We are the first life-span service to be established that can oversee care from diagnosis in infancy to problems at work and within relationships in adult life.

We are a multi-disciplinary group practice

We know that the best care is delivered by motivated and well-functioning teams, with staff that are valued and can bring their own expertise. We only invite the best clinicians, many of whom we have worked with personally in the past to join our team. We emphasise the importance of regular clinical meetings and team discussions to ensure the best care for our clients.

We believe in evidence-based care

Our clients and their families deserve to be diagnosed and treated by proven methods which are sanctioned by world leaders in the medical and psychological field (DSM-V, ICD-10, NICE Guidelines). We continue to take active part in research to ensure our knowledge is at the forefront of scientific developments.

We believe that excellent health care is not just for the privileged

We are committed to continued NHS practice and combine ongoing NHS commitments with our private practice. We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise and between us are involved in a range of activities to improve health outcomes locally and internationally through mentoring, teaching and international humanitarian work.